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Motorbiking in Bhutan

A country that’s pretty much blanketed by densely forested Himalayan mountains, Bhutan is a land firmly rooted in its traditions. The twisty roads across varied Himalayan landscapes mean that the best way to experience this small Buddhist country is on two wheels.

The Bhutan Motorcycle Tour takes you to a land of snow-capped mountains, deep, broad valleys, witness the mystifying landscapes of Bhutanese Himalayas as you ride along its magnificent roads. Feel the wind in your face as you immerse yourself in the magic of beautiful country. This bike trip proves to be a paradise for bikers with its breathtaking valleys, ridges and quaint villages.

Traveling to Bhutan is like traveling back in time. The peaceful surroundings make for a perfect backdrop for exploring this country at a relaxed pace. Since this country is exceptionally rich in nature and culture, it’s only fair that we give it more than a mere glance. For those who really enjoy adventure and want to venture off the beaten track, our motorbiking tour has it all. High-altitude passes, numerous water crossings, ancient monasteries and all in all, a stunning and varied landscape that will take your breath away.

We get many requests from people who want private tours, unique motorbiking experiences, tours on dates that are different from our fixed-departure tours, or just tours at a different budget. Write to us and we will dig into our years of expertise to design an experience of a lifetime for you.

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